Tecnofilm is an Italian family company and one of the European leading producers of functional polymers and thermoplastic compounds for the shoe industry and the production of technical items.

A medium enterprise, made in Italy, with a more than 45 years old story.

In 1972 we were Euronord, today we are an innovative SME, the only one in its business sector.  From our past we keep experience and know-how. In our present there are R&D and the will to fulfill and forecast the customers’ needs in a competitive market, thanks to the flexibility and constant innovation that identify our offer.

sacco di pallet
We are the atelier of thermoplastic materials:
An R&D lab and innovative production lines working in close contact.

State of the art equipments and an advanced technology in the hands of a specialized team allow us to cut tailor-made solutions for every clients’ need and to baste a competitive and customized offer.

Innovation, fast and flexible manufacturing process, focus on market’s demand:
Our attention and look towards the future allow us to develop skills in a wide range of markets and applications, studying a complete and integrated products portofolio.

We do believe in sustainability: a quality product is the result of an ethical proposal too, starting from respecting the environment, taking care of the wellbeing of the collectivity and of the people who developed and made that product.

Our quality system is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 e OHSAS 18001 standards and in 2018 we confirmed the CRIBIS D&B RATING 1 “Most Reliable”.