Elastomeric-Thermoplastic Compound

euroter tecnofilm
Our TPV – EUROTER vulcanized thermoplastic materials possess many properties typical of vulcanized rubber, offering high performance in terms of flexibility, resistance to extreme temperatures, resistance to oils, grease and most acids, good scratch, tear and ageing resistance, low compression set and good processability. They are used in the fields of domestic appliances, motor vehicles, building, electronics and sport.
Elastomeric-Thermoplastic Compound

k.Prene tecnofilm
SBS and PP based thermoplastic compound. Used in the production of carpets, rugs and technical articles in general.
Elastomeric-Thermoplastic Compound TR

eb.Prene tecnofilm
SEBS based thermoplastic elastomer compound. Available in a broad range of blends, hardnesses and colours, it offers high mechanical performance and good ozone and UV resistance. The EB PRENE compounds are used in the automotive industry, domestic appliances, food and sport, and in various soft touch applications.
Elastomeric-Thermoplastic Compound

eurubber tecnofilm
SBS (TPR) based thermoplastic elastomer compound for the production of soles and accessories in the footwear industry. Available in a broad range of articles and colours, meeting all needs in terms of:

• Glossy and matt finish
• Density
• Hardness
• Fluidity
• Scratch and tear resistance
• Compatibility with surface coatings

greerubber tecnofilm
Thermoplastic elastomer compound for artificial football pitch turf.

This material offers many benefits:
• It dissipates the spring effect
• It reduces the incidence of minor injuries to the muscular-skeletal system
• It acts as shock absorber in the event of falls
• It is eco-compatible and human friendly
• It has good grip and is impermeable
• It offers good ‘bounceability’ for footballs
• It is extremely resistant to atmospheric agents
Thermoplastic Polyurethane

tpu tecnofilm
TPU Tecnofilm products offer particular technical properties and high mechanical performance. They are used in the footwear sector as well as in the production of technical articles in general.
Thermoplastic with plant-based plasticizers

ecopower tecnofilm
A thermoplastic elastomer compound, patented and made with vegetable oils instead of petroleum-based plasticizers. The material, when subjected to a controlled composting process in accordance with protocol UNI EN ISO 14855, biodegrades up to 44.57% in 180 days. The product is used in the footwear industry and for the production of technical articles, and its level of quality is equally as good as that of the best traditional thermoplastic elastomers.
Thermoplastic Compound

ecoevolution tecnofilm
Maleic anhydride modified polyolefins used in these fields:

• Flame-proof and halogen free cable glands
• Modification of polyamides
• Modification of polypropylene
• Laminated tubing (aluminium - polyethylene)
• Multi-layer film (polyethylene – polyamide) for food packaging
• Wood – plastic compounds